Summer Reading for Grownups

Summer is admittedly the time when we as educators get to unwind, reflect, and relax. Invariably, it can also often be the time where our minds and hearts are actually free to really digest new learning and big ideas. To assist in this digestion and growth, I’m borrowing and sharing a set of Inquiry Math Badges. Each badge represents an aspect of being a math practitioner: the hope is that in trying to attain each badge, they might help you experiment and grow. For each badge, you start with level one, and steadily work your way to level four. There is no particular order for the list of badges, so let your personal interest and inspiration lead the way!


For summertime growth, I’ll zoom in on the badge entitled Higher Ed: Continued Growth and Learning. Below the badge image, I’m listing a few suggested starter resources for each level to get you going. The list will be woefully under representative of the wealth of information out there, but my hope is these this starter set will beget more resource links which will beget more resources links which…well, you get the idea 🙂

A push for continued growth and learning

Higher Ed badge


Level 1

Blog: You’re already reading this one!



Article: Why is Problem Solving Important to Student Learning?

Level 2

The two listed above, or this one if you haven’t followed already!

Level 3

Strength in Numbers by Ilana Horn

What’s Math Got to Do with It? by Jo Boaler

Designing Groupwork by Elizabeth Cohen

Other suggestions via Edutopia

Level 4

Develop a plan for how to digest, reflect, and discuss your learning with peers. A few possibilities:

  • Is there 15 minutes that could be spared in every other department meeting to talk about current learning?
  • Could one lunch a week be designated to be ‘growth and learning’ discussion?
  • Or my personal favorite, is there a weekly happy hour crew that could convene to learn and grow together, beers in hand.

Whatever you decide, the time doesn’t necessarily have to be great to be effective and meaningful. The real need is for consistent and accountable time to talk with peers about your influential learning.

I wish every teacher a fun and rejuvenating summer, and (hopefully) one that includes a bit of learning and growth! Enjoy!